[dns-operations] does it matter when nameserver recs have non-matching PTRs ?

Marius Olafsson marius at hi.is
Tue Aug 4 09:44:43 UTC 2015

> > I don't recall that there is any prohibition on multiple PTR records
> there is, softly. RFC 1035 says that the PTR points to the canonical
> name of a host, like a CNAME.

 From RFC2181 (Clarifications to the DNS Specification)

  "10.2. PTR records

   Confusion about canonical names has lead to a belief that a PTR
   record should have exactly one RR in its RRSet.  This is incorrect,
   the relevant section of RFC1034 (section 3.6.2) indicates that the
   value of a PTR record should be a canonical name.  That is, it should
   not be an alias.  There is no implication in that section that only
   one PTR record is permitted for a name.  No such restriction should
   be inferred."

Marius Olafsson
University of Iceland

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