[dns-operations] does it matter when nameserver recs have non-matching PTRs ?

Mark Jeftovic markjr at easydns.com
Mon Aug 3 16:08:22 UTC 2015

On 2015-08-03 11:19 AM, Jim Popovitch wrote:

>>> ~$ dig NS speedyiguana.com
>>> ns1.speedyiguana.net.
>>> ~$ host ns1.speedyiguana.net
>>> ns1.speedyiguana.net has address
>>> ~$ host
>>> domain name pointer ns1.domainmail.org.
>> Indeed.
>> Good luck getting anything delegated to ns1.speedyiguana.net under .IS!
> To be honest, is anybody doing that anyways?

I don't understand what you mean above, is anybody doing "that" ?

> ns?.domainmail.org handles DNS for several domains, of which those
> domains use their own NS names... because glue works better that way
> when you are hosting non-.org TLDs on a .org infrastructure, but
> surely you would know that.

Fine can of worms you've opened here. All of them would have issues
getting delegated under various ccTLDs.

Yet I see Paul's earlier point that some basic minimum of "is this
really a nameserver that is prepared to accept a delegation" is not a
bad thing - it's true that hardly any gTLDs do any of this (and I think
that's a problem too)

So what' the medium?

Earlier I said "what if both records are under the same superdomain" and
you trot out this example, which also seems valid.

* both records under the same superdomain


* records indicate that they are being used as a nameserver by naming
themselves... nsX, dnsX, and what else? (We have some nameservers named
"rush", "motorhead" and "nirvana")


* you go back to full-on checking for a valid SOA on the subject domain
from the proposed nameserver. Lots of people hate that.

- mark

> -Jim P.
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