[dns-operations] Authoritative name server replies NODATA for a non-existing domain

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu Apr 23 23:34:52 UTC 2015

In message <D15E7BB0.B14F%edward.lewis at icann.org>, Edward Lewis writes:
> Mind you - I not all bugs are "serious" as in operations impacting.  In
> this case, the name in question doesn't 'exist' so any access to it
> (WWW/SSH/FTP) is doomed anyway.  Whether it's NXDOMAIN or NODATA, there's
> no AAAA or A record to be had.  Yes, you'll trip up DNSVIZ and get your
> name in the permanent record.

And caused everyone that typos a name to have a long delay finding
out they typoed the name.  It tied up resources in recursive servers.
It also increased the amount of traffic going to those servers as
validating recursive servers retry the query with alternate servers.

While it may not be much for a single instance it does add up when
their are lots of queries involved.

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