[dns-operations] Anycast resolver addresses

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Mon Apr 20 01:18:46 UTC 2015


On 19/04/2015 23:13, Roland Dobbins wrote: 

> On 19 Apr 2015, at 19:22, Noel Butler wrote:
>> your "direct observed experience" is clearly different from mine, as
>> likely others.
> I'm pretty sure most everyone on this list has seen extended outages arise due to fat-fingered ACLs, firewall rules, etc.

Since early 90's I've seen it done twice, and I'd hardly call them
extended outages, most would likely have seen brief, but hardly long,
partial outages. 

I've seen however far more regional outages due to BGP f-ups, and no
amount of multiple DNS anycasts are gunna help there since they couldnt
do squat at all anyway :) 

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