[dns-operations] Bind v6 TCP listen?

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu Nov 27 01:25:47 UTC 2014

In message <54764380.5000706 at linuxwan.net>, Ted Cooper writes:
> On 27/11/14 06:48, Niall O'Reilly wrote:
> >   I have for some reason
> > 
> > 	listen-on-v6 { all; };
> > 
> >   It might be worth checking whether this makes a difference.
> I have the same thing, along with a note to myself that listening on a
> single address does not seem to work.
>         # IPv6 settings.
>         listen-on-v6 {
>                 any;
> # Unable to use specific address?? Confirmed.
> #               remo:edsp:ecif:i::cadd:ress;
>         };
>         query-source-v6 address remo:edsp:ecif:i::cadd:ress;
>         transfer-source-v6 remo:edsp:ecif:i::cadd:ress;
>         notify-source-v6 remo:edsp:ecif:i::cadd:ress;
> The *-source-v6 all works as expected. I don't have any kind of
> reference as to a bug entry or why it doesn't work.

There are some OS where named can't enumerate the IPv6 interfaces
usually due to stupid OS hacks which means the listen-on-v6 ACL
above has nothing to match against.  What was wrong with providing
this information via the socket interface?  Why put it in the
filesystem which then has to be duplicated when you are running

That said this isn't the issue here as the process was bound on the
IPv6 UDP port.  I suspect a accept() failure caused named to close
the socket or something else was listening on the TCP port when
named was started or ...


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