[dns-operations] gov.mu inconsistency

Casey T. Deccio casey at deccio.net
Thu Nov 6 23:23:32 UTC 2014

On Nov 6, 2014, at 5:37 PM, S Moonesamy <sm+mu at elandsys.com> wrote:

> At 13:48 06-11-2014, Casey Deccio wrote:
>> There are clearly two versions of the zone being served by gov.mu servers.  If the value of the serials is any indicator of date (as it appears), then udns1.tld.mu and anycast1.irondns.net are serving a version of the zone that is about ten months newer than that being served by ns{1,2,3}.gov.mu (2014110646 vs. 2014010572).
> The strange part (re. date) is that I got a serial of 2014010166 on 7 October from a resolver.

Weird.  But of course serial values resembling dates don't necessarily mean that the value is actually derived from a current date.  There are instances where dates were once used but an incremental scheme took over, so the serial value still resembles a date--though not a current one.  In this case, who knows?


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