[dns-operations] about the underline in hostname

Evan Hunt each at isc.org
Thu May 29 17:35:19 UTC 2014

On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 01:20:35PM -0400, Bob Harold wrote:
> If I (reluctantly) accept that DNS names that are not hostnames can have
> underscores in them, why does BIND not have an option to allow that, while
> still rejecting invalid hostnames?  Or have I missed something?

BIND allows domain names to have underscores.  It objects to non-hostnames
owning A, AAAA or MX records is all.  For example, this is served by BIND:

_jabber._tcp.jabber.isc.org. 7126 IN    SRV     0 0 5269 sprocket.isc.org.

> If someone decides to add that feature, I would really like the option to
> only add the underscore to the allowed list, and not any other special
> characters, which would break all kinds of things, without adding any real
> value.

Can I ask what specific problem you're having that would be solved by this?

Evan Hunt -- each at isc.org
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

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