[dns-operations] The Decline and Fall of BIND 10

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Thu May 15 02:26:09 UTC 2014

Wayne MacLaurin wrote:
> Bind 9.11 
> Can’t imagine we’ll see another attempt at a ground up rebuild anytime soon…..

maybe not by ISC. but based on the success of BIND9, NSD, Knot, Unbound,
Yadifa, and PowerDNS, i think we will see more implementations of DNS as
time goes on. because, you guessed it, DNS is sexy.

based on the fact that BIND 9.10 has a "map" file type that cuts startup
time to "de minimis" or less even for large zones, in the same style
long employed by NSD, i think it's safe to say that BIND9 did not need a
total rewrite as much as i thought it did when i launched that project.
see also:


having left ISC on July 1 2013 in a management buyout of the ISC
Security business unit (now known as Farsight Security), i don't have
any remaining say over what problems ISC decides to tackle. but i do
notice that operators seem to have a love/hate relationship with code
base diversity, and i do notice that some implementors want to work on a
common management interface so they can configure their name service in
a standard language or protocol, and then plug different servers into
it. learning every new server's config syntax and log file format is a
pain. so, maybe that's a good public benefit thing to work on that isn't


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