[dns-operations] Current thinking on internal corporate/campus domain names

Barber, Piet pbarber at verisign.com
Thu Jun 26 14:36:46 UTC 2014

These are my favorites:

corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS
corp.verio.net.	 0	IN	NS

There's a non-zero amount of traffic sent to the root servers from such

On 2014-06-24, 13:03, "Jared Mauch" <jared at puck.nether.net> wrote:

>On Jun 24, 2014, at 12:53 PM, Phil Regnauld <regnauld at nsrc.org> wrote:
>> Jared Mauch (jared) writes:
>>> On Jun 24, 2014, at 9:01 AM, Kelly Setzer <Kelly.Setzer at wnco.com>
>>>> * Most respondents agreed that a registered domain for internal DNS
>>>> the way to go.
>>> Beware the mistakes of others as well, check out 'corp.verio.net' as
>>>an example of a poorly operated sub-domain.
>> 	corp.verio.net is indeed a subdomain, and not a registered domain:
>Sorry, you seem to need more data to observe what i was trying to point
>; EDNS: version: 0, flags:; udp: 4096
>;corp.verio.net.			IN	NS
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	stngva1-dc05.wpm.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	frnkde1-dc03.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	ns1.secure.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	stngva1-dc03.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	w3scva02.win.smewh.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	w3scva00.win.smewh.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	neutde1-dc00.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	stngva1-dc06.wpm.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	w3scca01.win.smewh.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	oremut1-dc03.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	w3dwin01.win.smewh.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	iad-wprd-cordc1.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	w3scva03.win.smewh.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	s.ns.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	a.ns.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	stngva1-dc01.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	bcrtfl1-fdc00.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	ns2.secure.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	neutde1-dc03.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	iad-wprd-cordc2.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	frnkde1-dc00.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	w3scca00.win.smewh.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	stngva1-dc04.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	w3scsp01.win.smewh.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	bcrtfl3-pdevdc1.pdev.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	w3scde01.win.smewh.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	w3dwin00.win.smewh.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	w3scca02.win.smewh.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	oremut1-dc00.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	neutde1-dc03.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	w3scga01.win.smewh.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	stngva1-dc02.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	bcrtfl1-fdc01.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	bcrtfl3-pdevdc2.pdev.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	bcrtfl1-dc04.corp.verio.net.
>corp.verio.net.		0	IN	NS	neutde1-dc00.
>Please point out the trouble with this in one sentence or less.
>- jared
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