[dns-operations] Zone with expired signatures?

Jaap Akkerhuis jaap at NLnetLabs.nl
Wed Jul 30 06:54:46 UTC 2014

 Matthew Pounsett writes:

 > > I could have sworn that I remembered someone setting up zones with
 > both expired and valid signatures so that people could test against
 > them. But I cannot find any references. I can set that up myself of
 > course, but I don't want to spend the effort if someone else has
 > already invented that particular wheel.
 > Theres one in the test.dnssec-tools.org zone[1], and another at
 > SIDN[2].  I seem to recall one at NLnet Labs, but cant find any
 > reference to it currently.

It moved to SIDN and got revamped as [2]

 > [1] <https://www.dnssec-tools.org/testzone/>
 > [2] <https://workbench.sidnlabs.nl/bad-dnssec.html>

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