[dns-operations] Atlas nagios tools

john dns-ops at johnbond.org
Sat Jul 12 13:58:33 UTC 2014

Hello all,

i would like to introduce a tool[1] i have been developing on and off
for a bit of time.  its uses the atlas latest call[2] and sagan[3] to
preform nagios checks based on measurement results.  it supports
checking a wide range of ssl, dns and http parameters which i have tried
to document on github[1].  The dns checks currentl support checking most
if not all fields of A, AAAA,DS, DNSKEY, MX, NS & SOA records

The git hub repo contains some sample nagios configs which can be seen
in action at https://icinga.johnbond.org/ (ripeatlas/ripeatlas).

at $dayjob we dont use nagios/icinga so this is not well tested and one
should expect some bugs.  if you dare inspect the source you can
definitely expect spelling mistakes and hacks.

feedback, criticism and patches most welcome


*as http is a restricted measurement this has received little testing

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