[dns-operations] What's wrong with my domain?

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Wed Jul 2 11:33:50 UTC 2014

On Wed, Jul 02, 2014 at 06:29:22AM -0400, Mohamed Lrhazi wrote:
> I am sure I messed up something, but cant figure out what! Some DNS
> servers, notably Google's, return SERVFAIL, since a couple of days now.


I checked most things I can check, and it all looks fine. It may be good to
note that asking ANY queries of a resolver is a recipe for fail, which is
what you try below with  It also fails with an A query, though.

Also, www.gu.edu does not have an IP address in your zone. But then again,
this should not break 'dig -t a gu.edu'.

Your SOA record is a tad weird, but should not break things.

The 'dnssy.com' report that your nameservers have no IP address in your zone
appears to be bogus, at least when seen from here.

Sorry I can't be more helpful!


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