[dns-operations] [OT] What are the most desirable skills, experience & education for [becoming] a good "DNS engineer"?

Chris Dent chris at indented.co.uk
Thu Jan 30 00:30:37 UTC 2014

Lurking on the list, but as my specialisations include DNS and MS

I've met very few strongly skilled DNS engineers through my career, I know
a few at intermediate level, but none of those favour Microsoft
technologies for their primary role. Those active members of this list
surpass anyone I have met during my career by a wide margin.

In my experience, there's very little (apparent) demand for DNS as a
specialisation on the Microsoft side.

Personally, I decided I was interested in DNS back in 2000, I've been
watching it develop, reading RFCs and generally filing as much as I can
into my head. I wrote my own (not quite as capable) equivalent of dig in
PowerShell (that is, a debugging resolver) simply because I found it
interesting to do so. I spent some time decoding / reverse-engineering the
BLOB MS use to store information in AD (dnsRecord and dnsProperty) shortly
before the documentation was published because I felt a need to understand

In essence, I believe myself to be a good DNS engineer (within the context
of my environment) simply because I wished to be so. I'm curious about it
and I have no aversion at all to studying RFCs. Alas, this part of my
skill-set has never (to by knowledge) helped secure me a job (contract or

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