[dns-operations] shunning malware-hosting registrars

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Tue Jan 28 19:13:09 UTC 2014

Daniel Sterling wrote:
> Please excuse my ignorance about this topic:
> Would it be possible for the larger DNS community to blacklist and
> stop serving domains from registrars that are known to be friendly to
> malware authors? For example, the recent FileZilla malware [1] uses
> domains hosted by Naunet.ru. The Avast staff say that registrar
> "ignores requests to suspend illegal domains."

if you feel that everyone on the internet deserves high speed access to
an access method allowing them to discover the registrar name and/or
domain age of every domain held through an icann accredited registrar,
and that the burden of providing this information in an accurate timely
manner must be shifted to and carried by each icann accredited
registrar, then i urge you to make your views known at:


there is a mailing list for suggestions. a draft report of this
committee's recommendations to icall on identifier technology innovation
is now being written. it is not too late for a public groundswell on
this precise matter to have an impact on the committee's report.


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