[dns-operations] Atlas Probe - Result question hostname.bind = "clboh-dns-cac-307"

Robert Kisteleki robert at ripe.net
Sat Feb 8 08:42:42 UTC 2014

>> I was wondering if anyone else had experienced similar oddities and if
>> they were traced back to a specific provider, device, … etc
> A few probes are behind a transparent DNS proxy. Whatever destination
> address you set, the query will go to a resolver in the local network.
> Regards,
> Matt

The RIPE Atlas probes do regular queries to the root servers, which is
visualised at https://atlas.ripe.net/contrib/root_anycast.html?msm_id=1

I encourage you all to click around. There's a key at the bottom, which
shows the "outliers" too.


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