[dns-operations] Atlas Probe - Result question hostname.bind = "clboh-dns-cac-307"

Chris Baker cbaker at dyn.com
Fri Feb 7 16:27:00 UTC 2014

Hello Everyone,

I have been running a collection of US Atlas probe CHAOS queries for
the hostname.bind of our anycast announced nameserver IPs to get a sense
for what is reaching what name server. One of the probes has an interesting

  *Probe ID :* 14064   *Firmware Version :* 4580 Hosted by Komodo Labs :
Springsboro, Ohio
The results I am getting from the CHAOS query for hostname.bind
@ is below

hostname.bind. 0 CH TXT "clboh-dns-cac-307"

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced similar oddities and if they
were traced back to a specific provider, device, ... etc

Thank you all for your time,
Chris Baker
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