[dns-operations] Test on Priming Behavior

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue Dec 23 03:28:32 UTC 2014

In message <CAAObRXL2w+FZ2EhrBNCBnmOnJroNf0ffcTWDdJpQwYODv6DPtA at mail.gmail.com>
, Davey Song writes:
> Hi folks,
> I am doing a test on priming exchange from different DNS software’s and
> find something weird. BIND(v9.8.1, v9.9.4, v9.10.1 ) would send NS query
> and a query simultaneously rather than wait until NS query get answered.
> PowerDNS(v3.3) will not do any NS query but query base on the content in
> hint file when root-hint is configured. Does anyone know any consideration
> or risk of these implementation?
> Regards,
> Davey

What risk?  If you are going to trust them to give you the root NS
RRset you can trust them to give you a TLD referral.

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