[dns-operations] knot-dns

Roland Dobbins rdobbins at arbor.net
Mon Dec 15 19:47:53 UTC 2014

On 16 Dec 2014, at 0:56, David Conrad wrote:

> You appear to be suggesting that the Internet is so broken that taking 
> steps to minimize single points of failure in your own infrastructure 
> is pointless.

Not at all.  That is a gross mischaracterization and overgeneralization 
of what I've said.  As I'm known as an advocate for availability and 
resiliency, it's an especially silly mischaracterization and 

What I'm saying that software diversity has costs, and that all too 
often, the costs far outweigh the benefits in many organizations.  And 
that even in organizations where it makes sense, it ought to be pretty 
low in terms of relative prioritization.

Roland Dobbins <rdobbins at arbor.net>

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