[dns-operations] most of root NS and com's NS fail from here

Ken Peng kpeng at terra.com
Tue Apr 29 02:43:16 UTC 2014


Recent days I found most of the root nameservers, and com/net's
nameservers can't work from here. When accessing to them I always got

These are the test info for root NS:

$ dig . ns +short |sort |while read LINE;do if dig . soa @$LINE
>/dev/null 2>&1;then echo $LINE OK;else echo $LINE fail;fi;done
a.root-servers.net. OK
b.root-servers.net. fail
c.root-servers.net. OK
d.root-servers.net. fail
e.root-servers.net. OK
f.root-servers.net. OK
g.root-servers.net. OK
h.root-servers.net. fail
i.root-servers.net. OK
j.root-servers.net. fail
k.root-servers.net. OK
l.root-servers.net. fail
m.root-servers.net. OK

(5 o 13 failed)

These are the test info for com's NS:

$ dig com ns +short |sort |while read LINE;do if dig com soa @$LINE
>/dev/null 2>&1;then echo $LINE OK;else echo $LINE fail;fi;done
a.gtld-servers.net. fail
b.gtld-servers.net. fail
c.gtld-servers.net. OK
d.gtld-servers.net. fail
e.gtld-servers.net. OK
f.gtld-servers.net. fail
g.gtld-servers.net. OK
h.gtld-servers.net. OK
i.gtld-servers.net. fail
j.gtld-servers.net. fail
k.gtld-servers.net. fail
l.gtld-servers.net. fail
m.gtld-servers.net. OK

(8 of 13 failed)

I am from China, ISP telecom.
Can you tell what happens?


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