[dns-operations] BIND performance difference between RHEL 6.4 and FreeBSD 7

Robert Edmonds edmonds at mycre.ws
Fri Apr 25 17:12:28 UTC 2014

Shawn Zhou wrote:
> Looks like BIND 9.9.4b1 has support for SO_REUSEPORT as test results I get from RHEL 6.5 look better than what I have from RHEL 6.4:

No, it doesn't.  SO_REUSEPORT must be explicitly enabled on the
listening socket, and the string "SO_REUSEPORT" does not appear anywhere
in the BIND codebase.  (I'm also fairly certain SO_REUSEPORT hasn't been
backported to RHEL 6's kernel, but I haven't checked that.  In mainline
Linux, it is only present in versions >= 3.9.)

It would be relatively easy to add support for SO_REUSEPORT to BIND,
though.  I recently added it to Unbound and the changes were fairly


It resulted in decreased CPU utilization on Linux 3.9+, but I did not
measure the drop rate.

Robert Edmonds

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