[dns-operations] BIND performance difference between RHEL 6.4 and FreeBSD 7

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Wed Apr 23 23:57:00 UTC 2014

On 04/23/2014 04:28 PM, Paul Vixie wrote:
> Doug Barton wrote:
>> ...
>> ... and to Jared's point, I agree that there are serious problems with
>> FreeBSD, I left the project some time ago in part because I don't
>> agree with the direction that they've been going. But the underlying
>> technology is still sound for the most part, and if it works for a
>> given use case it's worth considering.
> if you havn't seen freebsd lately, check out 10.0, especially looking at
> bhyve, pkg, and zfs. seriously.

This isn't the "pick your operating system" mailing list, but I'll 
respond briefly and leave it at that. bhyve looks neat, haven't played 
with it myself, but for a very young hypervisor it looks like it has 
promise. zfs adds a lot of complexity and is quite resource intensive. 
If you need the abilities it provides, my understanding is that they got 
a lot of the self-tuning and other implementation problems worked out in 

pkg OTOH is one of the main reasons I left the project. For anyone 
interested in the whys and wherefores feel free to peruse the 
freebsd-ports archives.

All that said, I'm not saying "Don't use FreeBSD." I am saying to think 
carefully about what OS you choose, and to look at the whole package 
before you do.


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