[dns-operations] AAAA record for c.root-servers.net

Stephan Lagerholm stephan.lagerholm at secure64.com
Mon Apr 21 04:34:22 UTC 2014

It is still hard to tell if c-root is worse than anybody else, because there are a lot of probes that fail any of the IPv6 root. I guess probes without or with broken IPv6 would have this behavior. (example probe 645 in Kyrgyzstan appears to fail any IPv6) 

What is really needed is a statistics on reachability for each root server operator and analysis of the delta between them in terms of failed IPv6 probes. 


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On 4/16/2014 11:42 AM, Robert Kisteleki wrote:
> Perhaps a useful data point is: 
> https://atlas.ripe.net/contrib/root_anycast.html?msm_id=11&qst=HB&af=6&mapType=terrain&mapZoom=2&mapCenter=15.879292,17.835938

instead of shaded you get red for FAILs...

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