[dns-operations] BIND behaviour when using multiple active ZSK's

Thomas Dupas Thomas.Dupas at eurid.eu
Tue Apr 8 11:02:43 UTC 2014

Hello All,

we've stumbled upon a particularity with Bind 9.8 and 9.9 versions, and are wondering if anyone else already bumped into this.
When using more than 1 active ZSK, in a bind auto-maintain scenario, BIND tends to lose control when renewing RRSIG’s.
You experience this as sudden bursts in serial increments / NOTIFY's.
When you raise the logging level you see that it renews some RRsigs over and over again (several thousand times).

We are able to reproduce this on:
- various BIND 9.8 and 9.9 versions. Not on BIND 9.7 versions (haven’t tried 10 versions)
- pre-packaged versions, hand compiled versions with both -O0 and -03
- both physical / hardware virtualized and para-virtualized hosts
- various linux distributions and kernel versions (tested EL5/EL6 variants and debian variants)
- both production zones as test dummy zones
- with NSEC, NSEC3 and NSEC3 opt-out setups
- with various timings / different DNSKEY's

The likelyhood of this happening increases when the amount of pending RRSIG's increases, we do get a ~100% reproduction rate when using the following setup:
- dummy zone with 1M records, each with 2 nameservers and 1 DS record
- sign it with an expiration of 7 days in the future, and a 600sec jitter interval (it also happens when using a jitter interval of 1 hour, but it was reduced to facilitate testing)
- fast-forward little over 5 days (aim a little earlier than the 75% interval when BIND will renew signatures)

cat debug7.nfo | egrep "add re-sign" | awk '{ print $8 }' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn -k 1 | head -n 20
 236367 eu.
   5471 testdomain-911794.eu.
   5178 testdomain-389749.eu.
   5077 testdomain-199411.eu.
   5019 testdomain-387060.eu.
   4881 J11CL0B2DNTMFI3UPD5KS8PC7GNCDI58.eu.
   4711 17IJ2OFH012BBAN78FVLGQ11Q37J0N6E.eu.
   4417 85B9IPB80VJIE6IKPE4KU2FBKRR71MM3.eu.
   4247 testdomain-461370.eu.
   4124 J0G8D50KAPM787DSVREK9S32CR8KG9HO.eu.
      1 testdomain-999999.eu.
      1 testdomain-999998.eu.
      1 testdomain-999997.eu.
      1 testdomain-999996.eu.
      1 testdomain-999995.eu.
      1 testdomain-999994.eu.
      1 testdomain-999993.eu.
      1 testdomain-999992.eu.

If you go through the log for one of those RRset's you will see that it continues to remove/generate signatures over and over again for several minutes, and than it suddenly stops for that RRset.
A bit later you might however see the same behaviour for another RRset


Thomas Dupas
EURid vzw.		http://www.EURid.eu
The European Registry of Internet Domain Names

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