[dns-operations] What do you call them?

Edward Lewis ed.lewis at neustar.biz
Thu Oct 24 14:08:43 UTC 2013

Throwing this out on the table for discussion...

In the sense we (the dns operations industry/community) see ".com" and can say that out loud today (whether it's native tongue to you or not).  Ane when we see "xn--fiqs8s" we can call that the "IDN for China (simplified)"  But what will we call "xn--unup4y."?

That's "you1xi4" in pinyin (I'll omit the characters as they might not render in all email readers) which translates into English as "game" (as in to "play a game").  The TLD visual is rendered in simplified Chinese script (I hope my terminology is clean).

I'm picking the example that I have a shot at parsing, I can't deal at all with Cyrillic or (I believe) Arabic.  I doubt there are any or many people on this list that are multilingual *enough" to deal with all of the scripts we will see.

So - what will the dns operations community use to name these TLDs when there are issues with the new gTLDs that are in the xn-- "category" ?

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