[dns-operations] Should medium-sized companies run their own recursive resolver?

Chris Boyd cboyd at gizmopartners.com
Wed Oct 16 14:06:25 UTC 2013

On Oct 16, 2013, at 2:24 AM, Warren Kumari wrote:

> Companies *seem*[1] to follow the trajectory of:
> 1: We have 1-10 employees, we'll just use whatever Netgear / Linksys someone had lying around / the DSL we ordered came with. This is largely a home network.
> 2: We now have 10-50 employees, let's get a consultant to give us a hand. Wheee, now we have a Windows <something> "server" and a (consumer) NAS.

As a former provider of IT outsourcing services for companies in the 1 and 2 categories, I'd absolutely agree with your characterizations, and add that these types of organizations are extremely averse to IT spending. One simple tweak that I liked to do on the local Windows server domain name server was to configure the local ISP resolvers as forwarders so that lookups for CDN cached content would get to the "right" place.  People usually commented "the Internet is much faster now."


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