[dns-operations] serving the root zone

SM sm at resistor.net
Wed Nov 27 13:37:50 UTC 2013

Hi Jim,
At 01:35 27-11-2013, Jim Reid wrote:
>So what? The root zone file is freely available to anyone who wants 
>it. AXFR from a root server is not the only mechanism to get a copy. 
>And as Joe just said, it's not necessarily a Good Thing for 
>resolving servers to keep a local copy of the root zone.


>BTW, you quoted Section 2.7 of RFC2870. That BCP is over 13 years 
>old. The root (server system) of 2000 is very different from 
>today's. There was no anycasting back then. The root wasn't signed. 
>ICANN had only created 7 gTLDs. Verisign didn't generate the root 
>zone. etc, etc. Although this document is an excellent starting 
>point for anyone operating an important authoritative name server, 
>it should not be viewed as the final, definitive word on this topic.

Yes, it is an old document.  I don't read it as the definitive word 
as a lot has changed since the document was published.


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