[dns-operations] DNSSEC problem with 174.in-addr.arpa

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Nov 17 17:57:49 UTC 2013

On Nov 17 2013, Matt Rowley wrote:

>Matt Rowley wrote:
>> The updated DS records for 174.in-addr.arpa should be published
>> around the top of the hour.  Thanks again for alerting us of this.
>Unfortunately, our updates didn't get applied as we expected at 0000
>UTC.  We are working to determine why those failed.  In the meantime, we
>have reverted to the old key and republished the 174.in-addr.arpa zone
>signed with that key.

As a matter of interest to many of us, what are ARIN's operational
procedures for interlocking KSK rollovers in NNN.in-addr.arpa zones
with the change of DS records in in-addr.arpa?

(Of course we could ask the same question of the other RIRs as well...)

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