[dns-operations] DNS Performance Test Over TCP

Francis Dupont Francis.Dupont at fdupont.fr
Mon May 27 11:38:42 UTC 2013

 In your previous mail you wrote:

>  [without research random musing]
>  I would imagine you could just modify the source to use SOCK_STREAM instead of S
>  OCK_DGRAM unless it uses sendto or recvfrom.  It would also need to utilize conn
>  ect().  The packet formats are nearly identical (you need to send the packet len
>  gth in the TCP message per RFC 1035 4.2.2).

=> I recommend connect() in non-blocking mode (even it takes far more time
you could expect).


Francis.Dupont at fdupont.fr

PS: don't forget to close the TCP connection at the response reception or
after a short timeout.

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