[dns-operations] bind-9.9.3rc2 ANY+TCP patch

Jared Mauch jared at puck.nether.net
Wed May 15 21:52:11 UTC 2013

On May 15, 2013, at 5:09 PM, Matthäus Wander <matthaeus.wander at uni-due.de> wrote:

> * Vernon Schryver [2013-05-15 21:40]:
>>> From: Jared Mauch <jared at puck.nether.net>
>>> This is a crude but effective hack.  It doesn't stop the system from recursing to find the response.
>> I can understand simplistic DNS reflection mitigation in firewalls,
>> especially when response rate limiting is not available in the DNS
>> server implementation or when local policies forbid the use of patches.
>> I don't understand why would one use a patch like that with its
>> limitations and drawbacks (e.g. usable only on recent versions of
>> BIND9, affects only ANY, affects all ANY, doesn't limit the flood of
>> reflected truncated responses during attacks, no whitelisting for local
>> clients, not view-specific) instead of the full blown RRL patch for
>> 9.9.3rc2, 9.9.2, 9.9.2-P1, 9.9.2-P2, 9.8.4-P2, 9.8.4-P1, or 9.8.5rc2.
>> By the way, why use "qtype == 255" instead of "qtype == dns_rdatatype_any" ? 
>> Why #define TCP_CLIENT() and use the macro exactly once instead
>> something like
>>    if (qtype == dns_rdatatype_any &&
>>        (client->attributes & NS_CLIENTATTR_TCP) != 0) {
>> If TCP_CLIENT() is used in query.c, then its definition should be moved
>> from client.c to bin/named/include/named/client.h and the several uses
>> of "client->attributes & NS_CLIENTATTR_TCP" in query.c replaced with
>> TCP_CLIENT().   It's bad form to define macros (or much of anything)
>> more than once, because you can be sure that eventually the definitions
>> will differ.
> I think the keyword here is "hack". I wouldn't invest too much time in
> an analysis.

Thanks :)

Yes, the idea here is that most of this attack traffic is of type=ANY.

If I invested more than 30 minutes, I could put in configuration directives around this as well making it an option to set.

What I have noticed in the past is someone better than myself has usually reimplemented these patches to make things better. (e.g.: FreeBSD raw socket in jail patch)

(for Vernons knowledge, I thought TCP_CLIENT wasn't limited to just that one .c file, so when it failed to compile I lazily stole that line of code and put it immediately before it, hence it's poor location as well).

I've cleaned up the patch (it should be == 0 now btw, the above code correction is wrong).

If others want, I can look at putting in a config directive.  It would be possible to add other RRtypes easily enough that should get TCP only that are not commonly used.

- Jared

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