[dns-operations] Clear DNS cache

Vernon Schryver vjs at rhyolite.com
Thu Jun 20 13:29:34 UTC 2013

> > "..It seems your nameservers don't agree on the SOA serial number!... "

I wouldn't put too much stock in what http://viewdns.info/ says
about anything, and not just because what how third parties digest
your RRs is not dispositives or because historically the web DNS
digesters have always spread a lot of bogus fear, uncertainty,
doubt, and misinformation.  All that really matters is what `dig`,
`nslookup`, other tools, and recursive and stubb resolvers say.

They're badly confused about the DNS RRs for rhyolite.com.  Never
mind what I suspect are their glue confusions, perhaps due to IPv6
or perhaps due to my using well distributed secondaries.  
Besides "your nameservers don't agree on the SOA serial number"
they also say this about my SOA:

    Your Start of Authority (SOA) record is:

    Primary nameserver: 5
    Hostmaster E-mail address: 2
    Serial number: 28800
    Refresh: 20130815213614
    Retry: 20130616213614
    Expire: 26805
    Minimum TTL: rhyolite.com.

and then hector me about the implications of that silly nonsense.

This is what an old version of `dig +dnssec` on someone's 
system (not mine) says:

    rhyolite.com.           27587   IN      SOA     ns.rhyolite.com. named-mgr.rhyolite.com. 1371422174 3600 900 2592000 7200
    rhyolite.com.           27587   IN      RRSIG   SOA 5 2 28800 20130815213614 20130616213614 26805 rhyolite.com. uTprgMR4QbNDzyBKCgDUINT1ToLVnSvB9UZ3IOoNofQmx9kQ5u8toMj+ aEX+MN7cUJqyXvYqrG3f4jf9ezfXEaOUkaMVGYitXK+FfA80jOGL2d9s EPSGjFrPu47mcy8hbkz9PAYtMY1wG/4iIpy/kJLXB/sRMfkdwtA7NKst s0M=

Notice the "20130815213614" in the RRSIG.  I think an exegesis of RRs
by code written by someone who didn't reflexively deal getting unexpected
RRs from strange DNS servers should not be interesting to anyone,
and especially not when the extra RR is standard and only included when
you explicitly ask for it with the flag bit.

They also say:

    Your Mail eXchanger (MX) records are:

    5 2 [TTL=IN]

and they point out the various crazinesses of that.

Vernon Schryver    vjs at rhyolite.com

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