[dns-operations] Best Practices

Liam Hynes lhynes at dyn.com
Fri Jun 14 15:19:54 UTC 2013

On 6/14/13 11:07 AM, Chip Marshall wrote:
> There was some talk at a recent meeting about establishing some
> best practices for operating a DNS server. I'm curious if anyone
> is running with this, and if not, if this would be a good forum
> to start working on such a project.
> I know there are some IETF documents around best practices for
> things like DNSSEC, but to the best of my knowledge there's not a
> good repository for things like RRL, making sure your recursive
> resolver isn't open, ensuring source port randomization (I know I
> still see a lot of source 53 queries) and so on.
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While I might be getting ahead of myself I do think that any 'best
practice' document should be regularly looked at and updated. If a DNS
BCOP is handled by DNS OARC then at each meeting there should be a quick
'Does anything need to be updated in the BCOP?' section so that it
remains Best Current and not Best 2013.

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