[dns-operations] Dublin workshop followup

Francis Dupont Francis.Dupont at fdupont.fr
Mon Jun 3 14:16:49 UTC 2013

First my ops colleagues added an ECDSA signed zone so it seems ECDSA
is not recognized by SecSpider: there should be up to 8 (today, was 6
last week) ECDSA keys in the global Internet...

IMHO we should open a discussion about what TCP DNS measurement should
really measure but perhaps the gTLD tech mailing list is a better
place? This should help to interpret Ixia or perftcpdns (my tool)
reported performance numbers.

BTW I temporary put the perftcpdns distrib as the "poster" on
the DNS-OARC site, the URL (put on 2 lines) should be:


Francis.Dupont at fdupont.fr

PS: I got bad TLS/SSL errors for the dns-oarc.net site between
the URL validation (thanks Andy) and this post but it seems
the site works again...

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