[dns-operations] Software for managing ~1000 domains

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Mon Jul 29 06:55:57 UTC 2013

Simon Lyall (simon) writes:
> I was wondering if people here could recommend software for a
> company to manage around 1000 domains for a company.
> - Web interface
> - Scripted interface
> - Output to bind zone files
> - handle zones/split-dns

	Views you mean ? int/ext ?

> - Used by technical people rather than end users.

	There are a number of options, including powerdns, probind, and some
	commercial solutions, and stuff I developed in a previous life (one
	of them pretty much fits the bill except for the split DNS part, and
	the other does split DNS but doesn't have a scripted interface :)


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