[dns-operations] getting .CW recognised in the Google ccTLD tables/databases ...

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Mon Jan 21 00:35:52 UTC 2013

On 01/20/2013 02:55 PM, .CW Registry Curacao wrote:
> Dear DNS Operations,
> I am not sure this is an issue that you can do anything about, however
> we have been advised by our colleagues from the ccNSO (ICANN) to send
> you this email message.
> We need some help with getting our ccTLD registered worldwide.
> Several Internet services sites cannot be used by our customers, because
> the .CW is not recognized.
> In our case it prevents us as university to make use of (for instance)
> Google Apps.
> Please help!

The only things we can really do ourselves is to check to see if our 
code is compatible with CW as a ccTLD.

What we can do for you is give you help and encouragement, along the 
lines of what Joe has already done. More specifically, when you come 
across broken things you can point the owners to the following 2 
resources, which with any kind of luck will help them refine both their 
code, and their processes:

Authoritative list of all valid TLDs:

ISO-3166-1 table which shows valid ccTLDs in green:

This is an uphill battle which is only going to get steeper when the 
next round of new TLDs is released.

Good luck,


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