[dns-operations] CloudShield advices against dDoS

Mike Hoskins (michoski) michoski at cisco.com
Wed Feb 20 21:02:58 UTC 2013

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From: Joe Abley <jabley at hopcount.ca>
Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 12:03 PM
To: Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer at nic.fr>
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Subject: Re: [dns-operations] CloudShield advices against dDoS

>On 2013-02-20, at 12:46, Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer at nic.fr> wrote:
>> http://www.cloudshield.com/applications/dns-control-traffic-load.asp
>I think this particular "information security professional with more than
>16 years of experience" is a bit confused. I tried hard to find something
>in there I agreed with, but I failed.

While we're trolling...  since when do information security professionals
agree?  ;-)

(I'm hoping the usenet standard of including a smiley still implies
tongue-in-cheek in the twitter age...)

Personally, stepping back from the technology a bit, I'd be wary of any
professional who makes statements such as, "You can do everything
right..."  Really?  Are you $DIETY?  Did they even do everything right?
**looks around**

Years of experience in any discipline typically teaches you about
pragmatism and incremental refinement.  One size does not fit all.  When I
read the intro, I prepared myself for soapboxing and had to fight very
hard not to gloss over the conveniently succinct 3-point plan to

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