[dns-operations] google public dns (was: Re: bind-9.9.4-P1 crash)

Robert Edmonds edmonds at mycre.ws
Wed Dec 18 18:29:13 UTC 2013

Dnsbed Ops wrote:
> In fact our nameservers have blocked a lot of IPs from google:
> DROP       all  --
> DROP       all  --
> DROP       all  --
> [...etc...]
> DROP       all  --
> DROP       all  --
> DROP       all  --

those IPs are used by google public DNS.


> All the queries from those IPs are going with this style:
> query: qalljrwww.byw.so
> query: womciswww.byw.so

dnsbed's nameservers appear to be authoritative for byw.so...

> And the count is huge. So I dropped them.

it is estimated that "some 7% of the entire Internet user base" uses
google public DNS.  it is probably a bad idea for an authoritative DNS
service to block google public DNS.


Robert Edmonds

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