[dns-operations] dotless domains

ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Fri Sep 21 13:11:28 UTC 2012

> Out of 315 TLDs, there are already 17 dotless ones: [list omitted].

This fails to observe the existence of at least two label allocation regimes,
one contemporanious with publication of rfc1591 (1994) and one or more that
were introduced subsequently, by government contractors.  

As Paul observed, and a careful reading of the contractor's performance
requirement contained in the most recent IANA Function RFI and RFP I and
RFP II language supports, the policy for the earlier allocation regime is
independent of a notice and comment period announced by the government

The observation that correct function was not certain was dispositive to
the decision to bar proposed allocations of labels composed from the range
30--39 (ASCII digits).

Independent of whether correct funtion is presently available, allocation
without sub-allocation vacates policy stated in rfc1591, and restated as
a government contractor policy document (ICP-1). Neither rfc1591 nor ICP-1
have been obsoleted by either the IETF or the government contractor.

Independent of the document management policy of the government contractor,
no notice and comment period is in the record for a policy of allocations
of labels to private persons for the exclusive use by the private person, of
which the "dotless" label applications to the government contractor are a

I do not share the perspective offered that "there are too many rules",
nor do I share the perspective that scale is the only relevant engineering
issue posed by label allocation regimes.


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