[dns-operations] dotless domains

JP Velders jpv at veldersjes.net
Fri Sep 21 12:44:03 UTC 2012

On Fri, 21 Sep 2012, Bart Smit wrote:

> Bad example. The first *four* browsers I tried (firefox, chrome, safari,
> and opera on osx) handle this perfectly.

I might be a bit daft, but there's a very big difference in my 
techy-education with typing in URL's versus the regular people who 
just type something into an input field. Most browsers and/or 
applications will work very differently when getting the input of 
"<something without dots>" vs "<something with dots>" vs "<something 
that could be url-sh>", often application version, user-settings and 
OS make/model/version are the behavioral differentiators... :(

Kind regards,
JP Velders

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