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Rose, Scott W. scott.rose at nist.gov
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That could be what is going on - several USG agencies set up their servers to refuse queries from outside of the US. The dotgov.gov registrar interface used to (still does?) do this, much to the dismay of embassies around the world.  

I would guess that the two servers on 199.173 are on admin group and the 137.200 net servers are another.  One configure to refuse international queries, one not.

Can anyone else in Japan reach the two servers?  Or anyone outside of North America?  


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let me uncloak a bit further

> If I had to guess, there's a problem in which your different clients
> are reaching (either by server selection or anycast) different servers
> with different copies of the zone, and at least one such server has a
> problem.

this is one possibility

another is that some usg, especially mil, sites are blocked to some
japanese networks

there are probably others

but how do i diagnose/debug?

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