[dns-operations] Go Daddy is down

Simon Munton Simon.Munton at CommunityDNS.net
Tue Sep 11 17:55:38 UTC 2012


Counter statement - take your pick

If they have an anycast DNS network with nodes all over the world, each 
peering into different IX's through different routers, its hard to see 
how a single router issue could take all nodes out - but not impossible 
with (say) a single centrally managed BGP config or some such.

On 11/09/2012 18:34, "Michele Neylon :: Blacknight" wrote:
> They've issued a statement explaining the outagehttp://www.godaddy.com/newscenter/release-view.aspx?news_item_id=410
> Seemingly nothing to do with hackers or DDOS ..

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