[dns-operations] Go Daddy is down

Joe Abley jabley at hopcount.ca
Mon Sep 10 20:33:54 UTC 2012

(not picking on you particularly, general knee-jerk comment follows)

On 2012-09-10, at 16:24, Aaron Cossey <aaron.cossey at gmail.com> wrote:

> Still out here in Germany at 2022UTC. Very interested to read what
> happened when its back up.

These problem reports would be a lot more useful if they included things like:

 - what actual nameserver or nameservers you're trying to reach
 - what test you're doing
 - what the result of the test was (what you mean by "out")
 - what source address (or at least source AS) the test was performed from
 - where the destination appeared to be to you (traceroute)
 - when you did the test

"OK from France", "Up here in Toronto" or "Out in Germany" don't tell me much. GoDaddy are associated with lots of nameservers; I bet some of the different responses here are because people are not all looking at the same one.

Note that I'm not especially suggesting that continuing the avalanche with all that information included would be a good thing on this list (I'm not really a fan of avalanches) but if you're going to send information to others, presumably to help them troubleshoot, detail is handy.

My knee feels fine, now.


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