[dns-operations] Summary: Anyone still using a Sun/Oracle SCA6000 with OpenSSL?

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at nic.br
Wed Oct 17 18:31:05 UTC 2012

On Oct 17, 2012, at 2:14 PM, Tony Finch <dot at dotat.at> wrote:

>> On 15/10/2012, at 3:10 AM, Ondřej Surý <ondrej.sury at nic.cz> wrote:
>>> Just a question - would anyone would be interested in joining a
>>> project to build an OpenHardware FPGA-based HSM with focus on DNSSEC?
> One interesting possibility might be to wire the keys into the FPGA
> configuration, so it has to be re-flashed to change keys.

That would require partially reconfigurable FPGA in order not to disrupt operations, so then 2x cells, but both are achievable nowadays. 


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