[dns-operations] How to get the anycast networks?

dnsops_x730df7439 at spamfaenger.f-streibelt.de dnsops_x730df7439 at spamfaenger.f-streibelt.de
Sat Oct 13 09:41:36 UTC 2012

Am Sa, 13.10.12 um 16:31:22 Uhr 
schrieb pangj <pangj at riseup.net>:

> Hello,
> My question is, if we want to deploy a global DNS service, how to get
> the anycast networks?
> We are a small company in Asia, don't have our own ASN.
> So the only way is to rent a anycast network from an ISP or IDC?

Why do yo think you need an anycasted DNS infrastructure in the first

An anycasted DNS only helps, if your 'other infrastructure', e.g. your
webservers, are also setup 'around the world' to keep the distance low.

What problems do you think anycast will solve?


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