[dns-operations] DNS in iPhone 5

Patrik Wallström pawal at blipp.com
Tue Oct 2 08:58:52 UTC 2012


"Some iPhone 5 users are experiencing a variety of issues with wifi on the device, almost always revolving around inconsistently slow wireless connections. If you’re having this problem, you’re not alone, and the good news is you can almost certainly get an immediate improvement by setting manual DNS on the device."

"For the impatient, you can immediately try Google’s DNS services ( or, but for the best results you’ll want to follow the full process to find the fastest DNS servers"

"With the same solution working again, it suggests it’s a compatibility issue with how the iPhone is interacting with certain routers."

I am not convinced by their conclusion. Has anybody here any clue what is going on? Is it related to their attempt at doing something with DNSSEC?

(Not having any iPhone 5 myself, I cannot verify the problems.)

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