[dns-operations] Validation problems for nal.usda.gov

Rune Stromsness runes at ack.berkeley.edu
Thu Nov 15 18:56:22 UTC 2012

We've been seeing DNSSEC validation problems (using the ISC DLV trust
anchor) for nal.usda.gov for about 3 weeks now.  We've been unable to
get in touch with anyone at the NAL who knows anything about DNSSEC, and
we're not happy about turning off use of the DLV for our campus.  Our
customers are getting more unhappy with their inability to use the
nal.usda.gov resources from campus, however.

Does anyone know of a USDA or .gov contact who knows what DNSSEC is who
might be able to help get the NAL to fix or mitigate their issues?

Rune Stromsness
Network Operations & Services
University of California, Berkeley
runes at berkeley.edu

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