[dns-operations] DNS delegation checker

Bernhard Schmidt berni at birkenwald.de
Fri May 25 09:03:05 UTC 2012


I'm running DNS for a larger campus network. We have a few thousand 
zones up to six labels deep, which are sourced from our internal 
systems, a customer selfservice portal, foreign master servers we slave 
or even completely external entities we can't get a copy of the zone from.

We are fighting with keeping NS records in sync in parent and child 
zones. This has mostly been a minor problem since most zones are on the 
same servers and thus missing delegations are hidden, but becomes a 
bigger problem with DNSSEC and NSEC. And of course users often change 
things without giving us any heads-up.

Is there any script/framework out there already that tries to find that 
mess? I'm thinking about

* getting a list of zones from management system
* check delegation from upstream server
* get zone file from our slave zone repository, walk all delegations, 
check them on delegated server or in the zone repository
* warn if delegations are missing or inconsistent
* warn if delegations to non-existing/non-answering servers exist, or 
delegations to own servers but zone is not configured
* DS vs. DNSKEY checks


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