[dns-operations] Pending Removal of 3 Negative Trust Anchors @ Comcast

Livingood, Jason Jason_Livingood at cable.comcast.com
Mon May 21 21:59:59 UTC 2012

>Just to make sure I understand, this means that, after May 29th, folk
>using the Comcast resolvers will no longer be able to resolve these, yes?
>The "Good faith efforts to contact each domain and resolve these problems
>have been made." means that you reached out to them, but it is only
>implied that they didn't get around to fixing it.
>[0]: Please note: I'm *not* saying that there is anything wrong with that
>(I think that Comcast went above and beyond by trying to same them from
>themselves.), just that this was not clear (to me) from the message

That is correct. I hope that the domain admins/owners are able to resolve
the issues (no pun intended!). In the long-term it is not healthy to have
a negative trust anchor in place for weeks or months.

Hope that helps!

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