[dns-operations] The (very) uneven distribution of DNS root servers on the Internet

Joe Abley jabley at hopcount.ca
Thu May 17 14:32:49 UTC 2012

On 2012-05-17, at 09:39, paul vixie wrote:

> On 5/17/2012 1:21 PM, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
>> ... I think this would happen to the root zone, too, and that seems
>> worse than just one ccTLD. Encouraging random people to keep local
>> copies of the root without anyone knowing about it is almost certainly
>> an excellent way to cause more DNS failures.
> i think we have to admit that this kind of thing is going to happen, and
> document a best practice. if you want to wrap that in advice of the form
> "this is probably not what you want to do, for reasons X Y Z, but if
> you're going to do it, here's how" then that's fine by me.

I can buy this. I'd contribute text, even.


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