[dns-operations] The (very) uneven distribution of DNS root servers on the Internet

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Tue May 15 15:43:05 UTC 2012

>> > BTW "fair and equitable" is one of those unfortunate phrases that gets  
>> > Internet governance types very excited, not always in a good way: eg  
>> > "fair and equitable" distribution of IP addresses.

the alternative allocation model is the market price model, e.g.,
meuller and others, mostly american, influenced by the chicago and/or
"law and economics" schools (econ and law, respectively).

as rife with holes and patches as the internet governence position
papers are, it is slightly endearing that a policy other than highest
capitalization is considered as an alternative to earliest adoption.

> Yes, and that's unfortunate, because the piece reads as if those words
> are used in their common sense not their "governance" sense.

i don't think the subject matter is unlearnable, or the target
audience is unteachable.

fwiw, i only interact with ig event attendees at icann meetings, which
are defined by partitioning of issues into dns-leaf-level "security
and stability" by ip/leo interest advocates, dns-root-and-branch-level
"s&s" by ssac/others, address issues by nro/aso interest advocates,
and vgrs-and-its-wannabes chasing the $6 cow.

there is a lot of selective blindness, and it is hardly limited to the
ig event attendees that i've come to know over the years.


p.s. an equity paper could have focused on the b/w cost of rapid
update feature of a zone editor to all zone publishers, where some
zone publishers are connected over links considered by the pilc wg.

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