[dns-operations] Microsoft NS server oddness

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 15 09:54:43 UTC 2012

On Jun 15 2012, Mark K. Pettit wrote:

>Can someone from Microsoft please contact me off-list?  We have been noticing
>a few odd behaviors regarding some Microsoft domains.
>Specifically, the TTL of the various address records for the NS-set for
>microsoft.com are/were not consistent:
>ns1.msft.net.   2480    IN  A
>ns1.msft.net.   42936   IN  AAAA  2a01:111:2005::1:1
>ns2.msft.net.   2480    IN  A
>ns2.msft.net.   42936   IN  AAAA  2a01:111:2006:6::1:1
>ns3.msft.net.   2480    IN  A
>ns3.msft.net.   42936   IN  AAAA  2a01:111:2020::1:1
>ns4.msft.net.   2480    IN  A
>ns4.msft.net.   42936   IN  AAAA  2404:f800:2003::1:1
>ns5.msft.net.   2480    IN  A
>ns5.msft.net.   42936   IN  AAAA  2a01:111:200f:1::1:1

What is wrong (technically speaking) with that? The A and AAAA
records don't have to have the same TTL.

They do seem to have made them uniformly 3600 st the authoritative
servers now.

I could find other things to complain about them, though, such as
how they don't support EDNS, and the IPv6 addresses seem not to
be working from here...

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